Interesting Facts about Translation Services in Toronto

Interesting Facts about Translation Services in Toronto

Language translation is the process of translating words or text from one language to another. Certified translation services have become more and more critical due to the integration of global business operations and also web conferences. In this article, we are going to look at some interesting facts about translation services.

Certified Translations


When we talk of certified translations, we are, in essence, referring to certification by the linguist or the services company offering the service. These individuals or company provides certified and dated certificates indicating that the translation is sound and accurate according to their knowledge. Certification is essential mainly for translations that are used in legal processes.


Easy Languages to Translate

Although most of us think that English is the easiest language to translate, it’s not true. According to most seasoned translators, Spanish is the easiest language to translate. The reason for this fact is that the Spanish language is written in words that are similar to the sounds making it easy to learn and translate. The language has some grammatical irregularities; thus, most individuals prefer translating this language as opposed to other international languages.

Most Often Translated

Although English is claimed to be the “language of the internet,” most individuals prefer to read in their languages; thus, French, Germany, and Italian and Russian and English, of course, are the most translated languages in the world. According to research, the languages mentioned above are most translated.

Some Languages are Difficult to Translate


Although most individuals think translating one language to another is easy for all languages, the case is different. In some cases, it may be true but, note some languages are challenging to translate. Thus it may take more time to ensure the translation is accurate and factual. In the world, the following are some of the most challenging languages to translate: Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Icelandic, Polish, Hungarian, Finnish, Japanese, and Basque.

Certified Translators

Certified translators are individuals who have undergone an assessment to prove they are competent in translating words or text from one language to another. These exams are usually offered by professional organizations such as the state, ATA, or local governments. In this regard, it’s essential to note that a degree from a university is not equivalent to translation certification. In the translation world, ATA- certified translators are regarded as the best since the certification process is rigorous and one of the best ion the US. Most clients also request their work to be handled by ATA-certified translators.