Is Homework Beneficial?

Is Homework Beneficial?

Homework has been a significant part of many student’s life. For a long time, students being issued with the assignment has been the way of traditional education. Many have come forward and rightfully poke holes in the idea that homework is really necessary and is beneficial to a student.

Most students tend to view homework as a burden. It is no surprise that many homework help online services are becoming popular with most students. One can access them online by simply typing do my homework for me. So, what is the answer to the question is homework beneficial and necessary?

It may come as a surprise to many that some countries advocate for students not to be issued homework. Here are some of the benefits and disadvantages of homework and assignment to help you decide on the subject.


Well, it is no doubt that homework tends to have at least several benefits that many have discovered along the way. Though there might be some disadvantages from a student’s perspective, homework has its purposes and benefits. Below are some of them.


Most students’ main goal is to achieve in their education. Getting good grades is essential in helping all students achieve degrees and other educational certifications. Various studies conducted in school have found out that indeed homework is experimental in helping many achieve good grades.

Study Habits

girl holding reading materialAttaining good study skills is essential in helping many students attain good grades and gain more knowledge, which is the main aim of education. Unfortunately, many who attend different classes tend not to remember most of the things they are taught in class. Homework is crucial in helping many achieve good study habits. Through them, students can gain more knowledge and get to remember what was initially taught in class.


Now that you are aware of some of the benefits credited to homework let’s talk about some of the cons. It will be unfair to state that homework has a good side and luck any disadvantages to students. Here are some of the disadvantages associated with homework.


sad boy with booksThere is a reason why many learners don’t like being issued homework regularly. Several pools done in various schools have shown that students tend to be issued with too much work most of the time. This makes them stressed as there is much pressure to complete all the given work before a given period.

Low-Income Students

It is important to note that not all student families have the same financial capabilities. Most of the time, students are forced to look for additional reading materials to do the given assignments. Lacking the needed resources to buy the additional reading materials is a disadvantage.

I hope the articles above will shed some light on the debate on homework.…