Picture this scenario: Fifty of your high potential leaders just spent four days attending a leadership development program. Expectations and motivation are high. Everyone learned a great deal, expanded their networks and created detailed action plans to implement back at work. They all leave with positive intentions and want to make a difference. Now what?

Our research, supported by studies done by ASTD and other consultants, shows that only 15-18% of participants will apply their learning well enough to reach a visible and valuable result… despite their good intentions at the end of the program. Your participants are busy and have many competing priorities – that’s a reality. On top of that, personal development involves effort and repeated practice of new skills.

For learning and development initiatives to deliver on their promise of improved performance, you need program participants to engage quickly when they return to work. And over time, consistent practice and application will lead to increased performance and return on investment. Your success depends on it!

That’s why we built ResultsEngine®.

ResultsEngine® is a Saas technology that integrates into instructor-led or blended learning programs. The first of its kind and the global leader, ResultsEngine® engages participants in actions that improve performance post-course. The process can be highly customized to support even the most complex multi-modal program design.

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A printable flyer with information about ResultsEngine® can be found here.
Examples of ResultsEngine® in action are available here.

5-Step Achievement Process™ powered by ResultsEngine®

The 5-Step Achievement Process, powered by ResultsEngine, is a simplified approach to learning transfer that is fast, easy, and cost-effective to implement in any type of program. The 5-Step Process teaches participants a simple, memorable set of steps to change their behavior after any type of learning experience. The process focuses participants on reaching an achievement that documents learning application and business outcomes. Organizations are using the 5-Step Process in a wide variety of management and professional development programs with excellent outcomes.

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A printable flyer with information about the 5-Step Achievement Process can be found here.
Examples of the 5-Step Achievement Process in action are available here.

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