The performance of people and teams is critical to your organization. Fort Hill innovations accelerate insight, learning, and engagement that drive performance improvement. Our learning transfer tools are designed to create an engaging user experience that makes insight and improvement transparent — enabling you to make more informed decisions.

In addition to providing highly effective web-based follow-through support tools, the Fort Hill team now offers two consulting services for clients who are short on time, but high on expectations for learning transfer results:

  1. LeaderView Dashboard Monitoring Service
  2. Online Coaching of Participants and Managers

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Target Informal Learning
100-70-20-logo70-20® is a simple, intuitive web app that activates and captures intentional informal learning.
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Drive Development Plans
ResultsEngine® is a performance support tool that plugs-into your existing instructor-led or blended learning programs and engages participants in actions that improve performance.
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Reach AchievementsThe 5-Step Achievement Process™ is a simplified approach to learning transfer that is fast, easy and cost-effective to implement in your programs.
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