5-Step Achievement Process™

The 5-Step Achievement Process™, powered by ResultsEngine®, is a simplified approach to learning transfer that is fast, easy, and cost-effective to implement in your programs. Based on Fort Hill’s extensive research and experience with over 300,000 global ResultsEngine participants in the last decade, this process reflects our best practices and most recent innovations. The goal is to provide clear steps immediately after a course for practice and application of new learning that results in participants reaching and sharing an achievement with their managers and peers.

Organizations are using the 5-Step Achievement Process in a wide variety of management and professional development programs with excellent outcomes. These Case Study examples are short vignettes from actual clients, including their Program Achievement Targets, average participation rates, and sample quotes from participants sharing their Achievement Stories at the end of the process.

Make Learning Transfer Simple and Effective

  • You define a Program Outcome Goal for your course to align participants’ application efforts to the learning and business objectives of the program.
  • You determine the intervals between the steps: weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly or monthly – this provides the appropriate period of learning transfer support for the goal you have set.
  • Participants access specific online content related to each step in the process to ensure they have a clear path and actionable ideas along the journey.
  • Participants request and receive coaching via ResultsEngine from any number of advisors – delivering valuable post-program support from managers, peer coaches, mentors or subject matter experts.
  • Members of the participant group can connect with each other virtually – enabling them to learn from the progress and achievements of others in the same program.

Key Benefits

  • Improve sustainability of behavior change
  • Increase business impact of training and development initiatives
  • Build participant competence in skills practice
  • Facilitate developmental coaching by managers
  • Enable peer coaching and support among participants post-program
  • Deliver program metrics to learning managers

Preparation Before the Program

  • You can launch a pre-course Preparation module for participants at no additional cost that helps set positive expectations, gauges participant readiness for learning, and shares key insights of the group with facilitators.
  • A parallel Preparation module for participants’ managers can be sent to encourage dialogue before the program on learning expectations and alignment on coaching support.

Additional Value at Higher Volumes
For larger volume purchases, Fort Hill offers:

  • An innovative Infographic visual display of program results to share with your key stakeholders.
  • An opportunity for participants to use their licenses in multiple programs in a one-year period.

A printable flyer can be found here.

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