Over the last decade working with hundreds of clients and a wide variety of development initiatives, we have seen repeatedly how important it is to have active learning transfer support provided to participants and their managers through the LeaderView Dashboard of ResultsEngine®. Having someone who monitors the Dashboard on a regular basis, and communicates with the stakeholders in the program, can make a dramatic difference in the level of engagement and success of the group.

Fort Hill now offers two consulting services for clients who are short on time, but high on expectations for learning transfer results:

LeaderView Dashboard Monitoring Service
With the client’s authorization, Fort Hill will monitor the LeaderView Dashboard on behalf of the client during every update cycle. We will send pre-approved emails through the system to participants, their managers and coaches – serving as the client’s proxy during the learning transfer phase of the program.

We will also brief the client on each update cycle and provide a report at the end of the process summarizing the group’s results.

Online Coaching of Participants and Managers
For groups that need more direct coaching during the learning transfer process, Fort Hill provides online coaching services – through ResultsEngine – to participants and their managers. Our team of highly experienced consultants, with backgrounds in learning transfer support and corporate training, provide online one-on-one coaching to participants and their managers directly through the tool.

We will brief the client on the group’s progress and challenges during the learning transfer process and provide a summary of results at the end of the experience. Through the active online coaching, we identify numerous process improvement ideas for future programs that increase participant and manager engagement, as well as program impact.

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