Choosing the Right Breathalyzer

Choosing the Right Breathalyzer

Drinking and driving is dangerous and irresponsible. When you consume a lot of alcohol and get behind the wheel, you put yourself and other road users in danger. As a responsible motorist, you should ensure you are of the legal limit before driving. With the right breathalyzer, you can do this. This gadget uses cutting-edge technology to test the amount of alcohol in your breath, and that matches with blood alcohol level. That means you follow the law and avoid imprisonment and fines. These are tips to follow.

Technology Used

You will find that most alcohol breathalyzers on the market use the fuel cells, and it is very accurate. Avoid buying semiconductor breathalyzers as they are just toys, and you cannot rely on them.


A breathalyzer ought to be calibrated for it to be accurate. Sometimes you cannot just use a breathalyzer that is yet to be calibrated. Fortunately, there are different companies that offer Breathalyser Calibration services. Also, you can get ready to use and ready-calibrated units.


You have to consider how the results are displayed. Usually, they have a four-figure readout. The back-lit LED screens are quite easy to read. It is advisable to choose a device that provides fast results and displays them clearly. In fact, the top breathalyzers give results in 10 to 15 seconds.

Size of the Device

Ideally, this device must be portable. It should be easy to pop it in the pocket or purse so as to take it with you. Check whether its mouthpiece folds in and whether the case is robust. It is advisable to choose a breathalyzer with multiple mouthpieces. In this way, you can share it with your friends without the risk of passing on the germs.

Compatible with Smartphone

You probably like the idea of using the device with the smartphone. What you need to do is to download the app, and results get displayed on the phone. Usually, the last few readings are recorded.

Time to Zero

A lot of devices will offer you an estimate of how long it takes before the alcohol levels get to zero. However, there is a need to test again to ensure it is correct.

Approved By Agencies

It is advisable to look for breathalyzers that are approved by the transport authorities. If the breathalyzer is used in the workplace, it should be approved by the relevant department.…

Health Benefits of Music

Health Benefits of Music

For years, scientists have tried to find the connection between music and health and concluded that both are significantly related. Studies show how music therapy significantly affects nerves and overall health by giving mental stimulation to manage mood and reduce stress. However, these are not the only thing patients with certain health cases can expect from music.  Forget those sessions with classical music. The truth is that listening to your favorite songs at home can also be a source of soothing experience.

Positive Mood

Mood booster is the first thing you can expect from the activity. People often mention their main reason why they love listening to specific types of songs and why they feel motivated and powered after that. Fortunately, scientific studies can explain this phenomenon. When people listen to their favorite songs, the tune gives them mental stimulation. This stimulation is the reason why they suddenly feel an unexplainable feeling of happiness. It is when their brain cells work together and prompt the body to release the happiness hormone. As a result, people tend to feel happier while listening to their favorite songs.

Lower Stress Level

As songs are known to boost positive mood, one obvious indication of this mental state is the lower stress levels. Those who deal with stressful events need something to soothe their mind, and songs make a great option. As it promotes happiness and boosts positive mood, your body will proceed to eliminate stress hormone and work better. This way, you can be more productive throughout the day. It is also the reason why public places often install audio music systems to entertain the people.

Pain Relief

Another amazing fact of music therapy is that it makes an excellent painkiller. Studies show that patients who listen to certain types of songs feel less pain compared to those who are exposed to silence. It is the reason why music is a popular option for pain management. This option is way better than having to consume chemical drugs to ease the pain.

Workout Endurance

Have you ever wondered why people like to listen to their favorite songs during exercise? The reason for this is not only about entertainment. Music is also known to increase workout endurance as it boosts your physical performance. As your attention is diverted to the music you are listening, your body will move faster and better.…