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“Feasting on Achievement”
Stories are an effective way to deliver key messages; learning professionals have known this for years. Learn how you can use Achievement Stories to teach, enthuse, and persuade key stakeholders.

“How to Support and Improve Learning Transfer Using Fort Hill Company’s

Bersin & Associates, now part of Deloitte, outlines how the use of effective tools can ensure your employees apply learning back on-the-job. Learn how applied learning improves business results in three top organizations.

“The New Finish Line for Learning”
A trainer’s job is not done and will not be rewarded with continued investment unless participants apply what they learn in a way that improves performance. Anything that falls short is at risk. Learn how to turn great learning into great results.

“The Course Isn’t The Finish Line”
Training and development will not pay dividends for individuals and organizations until learning gets applied to real work. In this T+D article, Cal Wick explains why the course is not the finish line.

“Making Results Visible”
Corporate learning is not about classes, smile sheets, or a good show; it is about improving performance and producing tangible business results. Only 25% of executives believe that corporate learning achieves this, a McKinsey study uncovered. Learn how three leading companies have shifted the paradigm.