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To learn more about 70-20®, the solution that turns learning into improved performance, visit: 70-20.com

The 70:20:10 learning model is well-known and widely adopted by many organizations. The framework holds that about 10% of workplace learning happens in formal learning programs and structured experiences. The other 90% is learning that happens in more informal settings, either on-the-job through experience (70%) or via relationships in or outside of work (20%).

Informal Learning – what we call the Learning Side of Work – takes place while people do their work. The challenge is finding a way to activate informal learning intentionally – anytime, anywhere – and in ways that are motivational, learner-centered, and that improve capabilities and performance.

70-20 is a mobile app that activates the learning side of work to improve employee performance anytime, anywhere. The platform leverages mobile and social technologies to make learning productive on the job.

70-20 is designed around customized learning challenges:

  • Users can create personal learning challenges at any time, work on formal learning challenges assigned during a training program or accept development challenges from their manager or team leader.
  • Participants can track and document progress on their learning challenges with mobile technology they use every day.

70-20 is a fundamentally different approach to learning that ignites performance improvement through:

  • Active Engagement – by sparking curiosity and creativity in the application of new skills and behaviors related to learning challenges in everyday work situations.
  • Ability to Capture Progress in Real Time – by giving users access from any connected smart device and the ability to act on learning opportunities and capture progress anytime, anywhere.
  • Effective Social Learning – by helping people turn their development into dynamic social experiences by sharing personal progress and inviting feedback from colleagues.

Learning leaders – for the first time ever – can provide an engaging process and supportive web app that makes informal learning intentional and visible. Go to 70-20.com to learn more.